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Tables are booked for a 2 hour time-slot by default, please let us know in the booking notes if you would like the table for longer
Package 1:
Parties of 8 to 11 - £80
2 bottles of white wine
8 bottles of Peroni
Package 2:
Parties of 12 to 18 - £180
1 x bottle of Gin and mixer
4 x pitchers of Amstel
1 x bottle of 
white or rose wine
Package 3
Parties of 19-25 - TBC
To be confirmed

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Dogs are not permitted in certain areas. Children must remain seated from 6pm


Available booking times between -
Thursday & Friday: 4pm and 8pm
Saturday: 12pm and 8:30pm
Sunday: 12pm and 3pm

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Please select the relevant package based on the number of guests you have booked for